I was born in 1978 in the city of Fukuoka, and will turn 45 in 2024.

Hello everyone. I'm Kohei Ohtani, the manager of Asian Portal Fishing. I have enjoyed fishing ever since childhood, accumulating almost 30 years of experience in many varieties of fishing, from sabiki fishing to float fishing, black bass fishing, boat fishing, and lure fishing for big fish.

These days, I love going lure fishing in the sea and lake whenever I find the time.
On days that I decide to go fishing, prepare by investigating a variety of factors regarding the time and place, such as:

The weather ?
the wind speed ?
the wind direction ?
if there are bait fish
the current water temperature ?
the size of the tidal current ?
the direction of the tidal current ?

and, using this information, imagine what kind of fish I expect to catch.
Just these preparations themselves offer a distinct kind of enjoyment, and are one part of the fun of fishing.

My father liked fishing. As a child, he would take me on fishing trips to various waters across Japan.
To this day, I still clearly remember being reluctant at first, then, as the days went by, falling in love with fishing as I learned the joy of catching my first fish, and my first big catch.

I imagine everyone who fishes can relate to that feeling of “I want to catch bigger fish! I want better gear!” after experiencing that pleasure once.

One day, when I was 34, I had set out on a boat to go fishing, as I often did.
I went with an Australian who had just come to Japan to work as an English conversation teacher.
Upon seeing my tackle, he suddenly said “Your fishing gear is very nice!”
He told me that after coming to Japan, he’d been impressed by the precision of rods and lines from Japanese manufacturers, the minute movements of the lures, and the sheer range of products on offer.

For my part, as we fished together, I demonstrated a variety of tackle to him:

“For this fish, at this time of year, you want this lure.”
“This reel goes great with this rod!”

I remember showing off the gear with such passion that you’d almost think I had made it myself.
Even now, whenever I meet up with him at a fishing spot, we launch into lively conversation.

As a Japanese fishing lover, it makes me very happy to see Japanese fishing gear, made by Japanese people, used and enjoyed by people from around the world.

I would like to share that enjoyment with more and more people!
With that in mind, I founded a website dedicated to presenting Japanese-made fishing gear to the world.

Thinking that I couldn’t adequately communicate these ideas as one among many sellers on an existing e-commerce site, I founded my own company for the purpose of doing business online.

Through Asian Portal Fishing, we will continue to present a wide variety of Japanese fishing gear.
It makes us very happy to be able to share our love of fishing with more and more people around the world.