Your package may be subject to customs tax and VAT (Value Added Tax). These extra charges are forms of tax that are not included in Asian Portal Fishing price or our shipping charge. They will be collected from you directly when the package is delivered, and it will be your responsibility to complete the payment in order to receive your order. Furthermore, your government may allow your postal service and couriers to charge fees to cover the administrative costs involved in customs clearance (instead of using the tax money to fund the effort).

Although it varies from country to country and it is not possible for us to find out the details. So, please make sure to find out the customs policy of your country before placing your order.

When the item(s) delivered to your address, You can't reject to pay duties payment or reject to receive the item(s). Prices indicated do not include any applicable VAT, customs duties, or any other form of tax that your government may collect from you directly at the time of delivery.

However, generally speaking, packages may be exempt from customs fees if the value of items included is less than a minimum value. For example in Europe, packages used to be exempt from the collection of VAT if the total price paid for items inside the package is less than 22 Euro. However, as of April 2012, this minimum value relief has been removed.

In some states of the United States, may impose import taxes on purchases in excess of $800 and the import duties, Singapore and Australia may around $500 and etc. All the import duties are being collected by Shipping Carrier on behalf of the country authorities.

We are required to declare the value of prices paid for items accurately on the package to ensure that your package arrives without serious troubles at customs. Please do not contact us to undervalue your order.

As the customs office applies the customs charges randomly on arriving parcels, we are not able to predict or control it on our end. So, once again, please make sure to find out the customs policy of your country.

Some countries do not charge customs charges on most packages arriving from Japan and actually collect them only from a few percentage of them, but in many countries, these charges are collected on most packages arriving from overseas. Below are approximate rates of customs tax and VAT in some countries that we know of.

  • French VAT: 20%
  • German VAT: 19.0%
  • UK VAT: 20.0%
  • Netherlands VAT: 21.0%
  • Italian VAT: 21%
  • Brazilian Customs Tax: 60% (plus eventually costs of transport and insurance).
  • Mexico VAT: 16%
  • Canada VAT: 5%
  • Thailand VAT: 7%
  • Switzerland VAT: 7.6%
  • Australia VAT: 10%
  • China VAT: 17%
  • Russia VAT: 18%
  • Spain VAT: 21%
  • Finland VAT: 23%
  • Sweden VAT: 25%
  • Denmark VAT: 25%
  • Norway VAT: 25%
  • Paraguay VAT: 10%
  • Peru VAT: 18%
  • Chile VAT: 19%
  • Argentina VAT: 21%
  • Uruguay VAT: 22%
  • Venezuela VAT: 12%
  • Ecuador VAT: 12%
  • Bolivia VAT: 13%
  • Colombia VAT: 16%

Notes on invoice declaration request.

Dear valued customers,
Thank you for your continued support in our shop, we are grateful to have you as our customer.
Unfortunately, we are truly sorry to inform you that invoice declaration and revising is no longer available anymore starting from this February due to the Japan overseas transaction law was implied. We hope you could understand that our company is not ready to take the risk at the moment.
After considering, we have made hard decision on orders that come with request regarding invoice revising in the comment section will be cancelled.
Your cooperation and kind understanding is greatly appreciated.

What if you refuses to pay customs duties?

If you refuse to pay the customs duties, you can:

  • Have the package returned, you will receive the refund after deduction of shipping charges
  • Abandon the package in customs and not receive any refund


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