Abu Galcia Revo 5 Winch (Right handle)

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United States - Estimated delivery: 2024/06/24 to 2024/06/27
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Weight: 220g

Gear ratio: 5.4

Spool diameter/width: 35mm/22mm

Handle length: 95mm

Winding length: 59cm/per handle rotation

Maximum Drag force: 11.2kg

Line capacity: 0.33mm (16lb): 150m, 0.37mm (20lb): 120m

Line capacity PE: #3.0-160m

Bearing (ball/roller): 8/1

A low gear model that enables low-speed winding up at 5.4: 1 gear ratio! 1 volume 59cm! Equipped with a 35mm diameter 20LB-120m spool. Equipped with 8+1 bearing. Deep crank and magnum crank compatible model. MAX drag power 11kg, 20LB-120m thread rolls, thorough specifications for big lake and big fish. Ergonomic design that is easy to grasp in a 35mm spool. The clutch is asymmetrical, and the samrest is offset to make it possible to grasp deeply, enabling a powerful fight with a big game! Equipped with a centrifugal brake system of IVCB6, which goes well with the silk thread.

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