Smith Troutin Spin Multiyouse TRMK-483Ul (Spinning 3 Piece)

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Length: 4.8ft /Weight: 83g /Lure: 1-7g/ Line: 1-6lb /Joint: 3 piece

1 A 3-piece short length full glass model that uses solid glass only for the tip section. Focusing on the headwaters to the small mountain basin, thanks to the benefits of the glass tip, it is easy to put weights on the shoot cast in an extremely narrow range in the under or side direction and it is comfortable. In addition to the good ride that is unique to glass, it also has excellent support for action operation and accurate cast approach. In addition, it is strong against unexpected accidents caused by moving in the mountains, and it has the potential to deal with unexpected big things on the spot without changing the foothold. (Model released in 2020)

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