Megabass Bass Rod Destroyer F1-63X (Baitcasting 1 Piece)

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United States - Estimated delivery: 2024/05/25 to 2024/05/28
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Total length: 6.3ft /Lure capa: 1/8-1oz. /Line capa: 6-14lb /Action: Slow

By pursuing specs that allow you to freely manipulate the world's classic POPX, a rare masterpiece was born that allows you to perfectly control all small plugs. POPXSTICK has been engineered to further enhance the "instantaneous springback convergence'' unique to 5D graphite, which creates exquisite dogwalk action that expands the distance between table turns and slides and dirt that invites you to move over 180 degrees. Masu. The directivity provided by the carefully selected plugging shaft is achieved with incredible lightness. Unlike conventional light action rods, which tend to have unstable casting direction, the 5D graphite shaft provides crisp shaft stability. Anyone can make precision shots that greatly improve the accuracy of pin spot shooting. While previous topwater rods used softness to absorb the distance traveled by the lure, POPX STICK uses its instantaneous and quick convergence from rod bends to create precise twitch rhythms. "Directability" brings life to any top water plug. This is a new concept light plugging special.

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