Megabass 20 Destroyer P5 F4-66X (Baitcasting 1 Pcs)

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Length: 6'6 "Lure capa: 1 / 4-7/8oz. Line capa: 8-20lb. Taper: REGULAR

Model released at the end of April 2020 [2005mega] Benchmark of the versatile rod that started from the first destroyer (PHASE1). "Cyclone". Ito, who has worked on successive destroyer cyclones, aimed for the next-generation cyclone as an ideal form as a "usability shaft" that goes beyond "versatile". We are developing engineering based on the deep knowledge unique to Builders Spec. The innovative shaft structure with the 5D graphite system realizes the lightest rod weight of all cyclones. The 6'6 inch shaft can be handled with a spectacular lightweight feel as if you were handling a 5'6 inch class short rod. The castability impact created by the ultra-lightweight regular taper shaft realizes a masterpiece long distance shot that surpasses conventional high elasticity long rods. You can comfortably play a variety of games, including medium-sized plugs, fast moving small spinner baits, GIANT / DOG-X, POPMAX, and soft stick baits. This cyclone not only has multi-performance that can handle all lures with comfortable handling, but also has the best maneuverability that allows you to fly with a longer distance and control the lure accurately even from a long distance. Introducing a new benchmark.

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