Megabass 20 Destroyer P5 F4.1-71X (Baitcasting 1 Pcs)

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Length: 7'1 "Lure capa: 1/4-1oz. Line capa: 8-20lb. Taper: FAST

Model released at the end of April 2020 [2005mega]" The Dark Sleeper "definitely eats the slow fish at the bottom. A delicate and sharp lure for fishing that invites you to throw the final weapon, Megabass' original soft jig bait, DARKSLEEPER, etc. as a bottom swim bait, 3 / 8oz. Class chatter bait, light Texas and high specific gravity worm fishing. We are refining controllability and "eating" performance. The special shaft tuned with the exquisite tension of F4 + 1/2 power coexists with outstanding sensitivity in slow contact and amazing lifting power that quickly raises deep fish. Just a few inches below the fast taper top, which can be eaten comfortably, the high tension berries instantly bring a bite from the deep into the hook set. Not only fishing that requires high-precision shooting for slow deep fish, but also the approach of pitching light Texas and small jigs on a vast shallow light cover with a good pitch will bring a new dimension of performance.

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