Megabass 20 Destroyer P5 F5.1-72X (Baitcasting 1 Pcs)

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Legend: 7'2 "Lure capa: 1/4-1oz. Line capa: 10-25lb. Taper: EX.FAST

Model released at the end of April 2020 [2005mega]" THE X Bites "is extremely tough. Born as a homage to the legendary fishing program "X-BITES" that breaks through with the fishing method of. Builders Spec, which is a tough game in the near future, is also experimentally engineered to introduce prior art. The extra fast taper, which is reminiscent of "bearing down", the founder of Megabass' "hanging tone" rod, sends a very small high density sinker rig to Super Deep, realizing pinpoint shooting contact that surely touches the target. We will develop Light Texas etc. with a longer distance and establish it with a deeper approach. The highlight is the weight of the rod, which is surprisingly light. Rods that are well over 7 feet can now be handled with the lightness of a normal heavy action 6'6 ”level. This new sensation of performance completely changes the conventional wisdom of“ sensitivity ”. Directly transmitted with "intuition level" information resolution. The "THE X Bites", a sharp long shaft that delicately "eats" and sharply "hangs", is a competitive model that is too sharp.

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