Megabass 22 Pagani Graphite F1-60XP Bait 1pcs

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Terese may be the best choice for Ranker Sniper who wants to cast a plug that is one rank heavier than Elise. Increased load -bearing strength for bat -berry section without spoiling the delicate operability to manipulate a lightweight plug. The high -torque and bat power, which reliably stop the striked big fish rush, develops a safe game with a reservoir where standing trees are random, and a pound where the bush and cover approaches the strike spot. This is the best one for the attacking angler who wants to fly the plug's own weight on the blank and fly with a liner shot.

LENGTH: 6'0 "Weight: 112g LURE CAPA: 1/8-1z. LINE CAPA: 4-14lb. Taper: Regular

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