Megabass Hedgehog Evoluzion F4st-69RSDti (Spinning 1pcs)

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Megabass leometal carbon blanks, which demonstrate low elasticity and high sensitivity characteristics, are a two -dual -integrated structure of microotian fiber, which exerts high elasticity and excellent turbulence. At that time, the shaft that combines the world's first different characteristics metal is a special blanks of hedgehog Evolution. It has an essential potential for modern deep shooting, such as "direct operation feel" and excellent "hands sensitivity". While having a softening soft tip, the high -load area demonstrates Ultra Hitork, far surpassing the bat power of the finesse spinning rod. Despite the advantage of eating fishing, the rod action is variable to the "Medium Fast Taper", which demonstrates a long distance cava at the time of cast. Versatility that covers a wide range from ultra light rigs to shad plugs and hidden powerful power are specified in modern fields. It is a titanium conjut shaft that can be used in the Bay Area boat seabass game.

LENGTH: 6'9 "Weight: 122G Action: Ultra EX-Fast Lure Capa: 1/16-3/8oz. LINE CAPA: 4-12LB.

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