Megabass 22 Destroyer Hedgehog F5st-60XS (Spinning 1 Piece)

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At the time of its release, it is a special model produced in small quantities as a dedicated rod for the black hole fishing method in Ito (Ikehara Dam and Lake Biwa Kita Lake). Hedgehog's strongest power and super -sensitive tip section, "Blackout" is an ultra high tension spec for ensuring monsters locking in deep spots, monsters that arrive at a heavy cover or weed bottom. The extremely delicate tip of eating and the super high tension berry, which brings a strong firmness under only a few inches, realizes the fastest hook set that simply stretches the strong jaw of the monster just by stretching the line slightly. 。 BLACKOUT, famous as a masterpiece of hardcore spinning, is now completely restored in response to the eagerness of the entertainer. The latest megabus rod method cut into modern tough monsters.

ULTRA EX-FAST (Stinger Tip) 6ft 1/16-3/4oz. 5-17LB.

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