Megabass Orochi Evolgion F7-76RDTI (Baitcasting 2 Piece)

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United States - Estimated delivery: 2024/05/25 to 2024/05/28
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Orochi Huji Contact flagship Evolution, a rare masterpiece that has opened the era of power games and has fought the most advanced masterpieces. At that time, White Python was co -produced by Evolgion's technology from ITio Engineering and special Destroyer engineering of F6 or higher from Megabas Factory. While pioneering the road as a leading high -power game rod, which develops today's big bait game, he is also very active in the Shikoku and Kyushu areas as a mat cover frog game rod. I created many white python fans. In the US market, it has gained a lot of popularity, including several professional guides that develop custotic rail in the castable rainbow and handmade big crankings. Thus, a number of white python owners adapt to each big bath method, hit a huge result, and laid down the specifications of today's big game rod.

LENGTH: 7'6 "LURE CAPA: 3/8-4oz. LINE CAPA: 12-30LB. Taper: Medium Fast Section: 2pcs. It may be. Please understand in advance.

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