Megabass Great Hunting Huntsman GHBF53-3UL (Baitcasting 3pcs)

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GHBF53-3UL is a Versatile model that plays the core of the HuntSMAN series. Designed with a power matrix that enhances the corresponding area than GHBF48-3UL. It covers stronger water volume and fish size up to support the expansion of lure size used. Heavyticine minnow has high control, and even a lure with resistance is performed a comfortable continuous twitch in a strong flow. Directability and light fit that provide a sense of extension of the arms achieves active shooting that can be done with a snapwork only on the wrist. Ergonomic specifications that do not feel stressed by repeatedly attacked and execute, demonstrate a smooth long -caution and utility that can control all lures in a high dimension. The tough bat section that produces a high -bending torque has no room for the intense pull of rock fish and native rainbows exceeding 40 cm, as well as the shaku class.

LENGTH: 5'3 "Lure Capa: 1-6g LINE CAPA: 1-4LB. Section: 3pcs. CloseD LENGTH: 57cm Handle Type: Short

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