Megabass Great Hunting Huntsman GHBF511-4L (Baitcasting 4pcs)

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It is a special game rod of Yuki Ito to catch a wide amago in Shinshu Kiso's mainstream, also known as "Tanabira". MPW (Megabus Performance Works) is a tailor -made tailor -made to embody Ito's knowledge and foresight that has been fishing for Kiso Tanabira for about 13 years. Rare trees in search of "precise lure margin", "continuous high -speed snapwork", "instantaneous Atari sensitivity (hand sensitivity)" that develop in the lure and appropriate distance to aim at Tanabira Choose the sandalwood. In pursuing a tip -down balance in order to mainly use the twitch, it is a special blank set in the main stream specification, which is a special blank that is dared to cut it with short dimensions. Standing in a thick flow that nurtures Tanabira, we will comfortably perform the twitching that repeats heavy weight heavy thinking minnows represented by the GH65 every day. The lightning stone -fire part -time job is instantly crashed by the reaction fishing that attracts fish from the pinpoint, and a unique setup specializes to land the ultimate fish in the shortest without being tossed by a strong flow.

LENGTH: 5'11 "LURE CAPA: 2-10G LINE CAPA: 2-8LB. Section: 4pcs. CloseD LENGTH: 50cm Handle Type: Short

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