Megabass Bass rod Orochi X10 SP F2.1/2-68XTS Yamakagashi (Spinning 1 piece)

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United States - Estimated delivery: 2024/07/25 to 2024/07/28
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"Yamakagashi" has a multi -attack performance that allows you to put out a variety of light methods in every location. The "X10" blanks, which are supple but excellent in vibration control, such as no sinker, jig head rig, downshotting, and rewaring light -top water plugs and shades that make full use of agile towitches, are easy for anglers to take the timing. Rhythmic rod work is performed with a supple repetition. The high operability and flexibility that can manipulate the lure as the angler's will is attractive. The rig's hang -off occurs frequently, such as approaching the backwater area of ​​the reservoir and areas where stacks occur frequently, and in the area where you want to cut it out while cutting it, the sharp shaft response of "Yamakagashi" glows. A new feeling light action model that contains more power than it looks.

Lure capa: 1/32-1/4oz. Line capacity: 3-10LB. Taper: FAST successor: 1

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