Megabass Bass rod Orochi X10 SP F3.1/2-70XTS Jadepython (Spinning 1 piece)

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United States - Estimated delivery: 2024/05/23 to 2024/05/26
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The rare high power spin, Jade Python, wears the "X10" organic fiber and is completely revived. The "X10" material reproduces the overwhelming bat section rigidity that allows you to attack the tied Timber and the intriguing bush with light rigs. In addition to the high torque characteristics that demonstrate the lifting power of one class above the bend, the new "Jade Python" is equipped with a light operability and high sensitivity characteristics unique to an ultra -lightweight "X10" blanks. In scenes where high bottom sensitivity is required, such as reservoirs that are scattered with stamps and lock areas that are scattered with stacks, they demonstrate high sensitivity as if they were touching the bottom with their fingertips. It also supports a cover finesse that screws Smoraba into the cover with a Braid LINE setting, minnow and shad in strong winds, and a long distance game of a small vibrator. The masterpiece of high torque spinning, "Jade Python" has revived in the modern age.

Lure capa: 1/8-5/8oz. Line Capa: 6-16LB. Taper: Medium Fast Mountaine: 1

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