Megabass Bass rod Orochi X10 F3-610XT Rapid Viper (Baitcasting 1 piece)

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United States - Estimated delivery: 2024/06/24 to 2024/06/27
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"Rapid Viper" is expanded based on the fast music of medium to small lures such as light crankings. Furthermore, the rare Versatitude, which can shoot out of the cover of the cover that you occasionally meet with light Texas, is a new sense of rod performance brought by the "X10" organic fiber. In other words, what Rapid Viper is good at is a game makeup that enhances the light and good sense of refund. The "X10" ultra -light blanks, where the exquisite coexistence between "tension" and "stickiness" can be immediately experienced, is to expand the lightweight lure attack range with an overwhelming long castability. The true value of "Rapid Viper" is that the light -cover game of hard bait light cranking and softbait of the open water can be covered by this one. The multi -performance is also reliable in bank fishing, where the number of tackles is limited.

Lure capa: 1/4-5/8oz. Line capacity: 8-18LB. Taper: Medium Fast Mountaine: 1

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