Megabass Bass rod Orochi X10 F6.1/2-66XT Destruction 66 (Baitcasting 1 piece)

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United States - Estimated delivery: 2024/05/28 to 2024/05/31
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"Destruct 66" is a local battle -compatible model that comfortably performs technical big bait games. The "X10" blanks, which armed with an all -dub foot guide and produce Ultra Hitork, demonstrates a strong shaft performance that is as good as the burden of the big bait. A powerful hook set that penetrates the thick jaw of the monster, and the torque full power shaft that does not give a strong plunge is given the monster initiative. Large swimbait, heavy -term chatter and spinnerbait are promised to be a comfortable power game. It is also very useful in mat cover frog games developed in the background of the jungle field. The shaft that is not too long does the lure without worrying about the overhang bush in the rear, and demonstrates the delicate controllerability that makes the frog a little stay in the mat Cover's pocket. This is the only aggressive strong shaft that lightly plays the power games of local battles.

Lure cappa: 1/2-2.1/2oz. Line capacity: 12-30LB. Taper: REGULAR successor: 1

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