Megabass Bass rod Orochi X10 F7-72XT Bush adder (Baitcasting 1 piece)

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United States - Estimated delivery: 2024/05/25 to 2024/05/28
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"Bush Adder" is a strong jigshaft that shoots jigs and Texas rigs without fear of fortresses such as the impregnable bush area, dense lay -down, and composite areas of obstacles. It is a special model of cover capture one step ahead. Balancing that tip is lifted naturally, the sensitivity of intuitively imagining the material that the jigs and rigs touch, and the directability that brings the light operation that is not like a long rod, Megabass of America Inc. has a long -standing knowledge accumulated in the USA tournament. Advanced specifications for "winning" that feed back to. The "X10" material is realized by the "X10" material, which is instantly pulled from the cover and quickly brought to the big bus without giving the initiative to the big bus. It is an aggressive cover game special that is lightly manipulated, actively draws a reaction part -time job, and embodies "eating" and "fast hanging" with long shaft.

Lure cappa: 1/2-2.1/2oz. Line capacity: 12-30LB. Taper: FAST successor: 1

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