Megabasss Offshore Rod Cookai Gulf CKG-77MS (Spinning 2 piece)

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As a special shaft for the Japanese Spanish mackerel game in the near sea, which has become increasingly popular in recent years, this is a special shaft that incorporates specs specific to the Japanese Spanish mackerel game, such as flight distance, action, and operability. In order to bring out the bite of selective Spanish mackerel, it is designed to be able to handle a wide range of tasks such as the classic X-80 MAGNUM, as well as the twitch and jerk of minnows of various sizes, from the X-80 SW to the KANATA SW as the main method. In addition, it supports high-level operation of general blade jigs by casting, such as MAKIPPA Spanish mackerel tune. Special gripping ergonomics with ITO ERGONOMIC-CONTACT SEAT (D.PAT.P) and a specially designed long-shaped jerking handle combine delicate operation and powerful fighting required for Spanish mackerel games. In addition, it exhibits outstanding accuracy performance that allows you to aim at the tip of the Spanish mackerel's "bounce", and long distance castability that brings you one more plus fishing result.

Total length: 7.7ft /Joint: 2 /Action: Regular /Lure weight: Max 40g /Compatible line PE: Max #2.0

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