Tailwalk Trout rod Silverna Taki TZ 51/FSL-LIMITED (Spinning 1 Piece)

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As an area trout rod, it has a unique specifications called "Carbon Full Solid -Shor Holds". Ultra -slim full -solid blanks are used in consideration of compatibility with low extension and high sensitivity ester line. The unexpected part -time job during the retrieval was finished in a model that can be applied smoothly by the tip -berry entering "Su". In addition, the smooth bend curve unique to Full Solid keeps the hookouts of fish hooked to win to the limit to the limit. In addition, at first glance, the delicate blanks also include torque power that can not be imagined, and you can always take the initiative. Then, by shorting the 5FT 1in and the entire rod, it gives high control performance and avoids the "front Barashi" during landing. It is a specialized model that uses specifications that are conscious of winning everywhere. Total length: 5FT1INC Appointment: 1 pose: 155cm Self -weight: 57g Tip diameter: 0.8mm LURE WT: Max 4G LINE WT LB: Max 4

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