Jackall Sinker Breaker Bottom Switch 7g Watermelon

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"Breaker bottom switch" that uses a bin bins switch mechanism that strikes overwhelming catches in Fushoa. We have thoroughly studied the "free rig", which has become a standard in the recent bottom chin, and has added functions that seek further comfort and deepened it. V -shaped rooted wire guard is attached to the switch parts. By hitting the bottom before the sinker, it exhibits high -rooted evasion performance. In addition, there are few stumbling (mild stack) at the time of slipping, and it is possible to smoothly pull. The head can be replaced with one touch. Depending on the depth and flow speed of the fishing spot, you can quickly replace the color and respond to the color depending on the activity, weather, and water quality of Chinu. In addition, a rubber hall that can adjust the appeal power is installed. The standard is equipped with four rubbers, and you can freely adjust the appeal power by adjusting the length and number of them, or replacing them with Tinsel. Weight: 7G hook:#2 class

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