Jackall Offshore Rod 23 Anchovy Driver Extro ADX-610ML (Baitcasting 2 Piece)

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Total Length: 6.10ft /Joint: 2 /Weight: 119g /Compatible line PE: #1.0-#1.5 /Lure Weight: Max 200g /Power: ML

A "hairtail jigging rod'' that combines state-of-the-art rigidity and sensitivity.It has an ultra-thick, low-taper structure that is different from the usual tubular (hollow) structure. It is formed by wrapping thin carbon pre-legs multiple times around an ultra-fine mandrel (rod core material) whose tip diameter is about the same as the lead of a mechanical pencil. Realized rigidity and torqueful power. High elastic carbon and tubular specifications add appropriate tension and improve sensitivity. When operating the lure, the jig bends flexibly to prevent it from flying too far, giving you the perfect amount of time to feed. You can experience the match-up with lures with the lineup of metal jigs for cutlass fish "Anchovy Metal" compatible with TYPE ZERO, TYPE I, TYPE II, and TYPE III. Suitable for long fall fishing that takes advantage of the long stroke. By combining medium and high modulus carbon, we have achieved a feel so light that you won't feel the length of 6ft 10in. The high sensitivity that clearly conveys small bites when dropping a jig is an advantage that cannot be achieved anywhere else because of the "EXTRO-T'' structure.

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