Jackall Offshore Rod Anchovy Driver RB ADRB-66L (Baitcasting 2 Piece)

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The taper that has moderately softness can give a "gap between" to the hairtail. In addition, it is the perfect one for entry users and those who want to do the hairtail guillance in earnest, which are hard to get tired even if they are used all day. You can experience the matchup with the lure with the lineup compatible with Type Zero, Type II, Type II, Type III, a metal jig "Anchovy Metal" for the hairtail. You can cope with all seas and conditions, from fishing to explore a wide layer with early jerk and fall action, to natural invitations that reduce jig action as much as possible. Moderate blanks can be widely used from shallow fishing using lightweight jigs to deep large aims using heavyweight jigs.

Total length: 6.6ft (1.99m) /Joint 2 /Weight: 108g /Lure weigh: Max 160g /Compatible line PE: #1.0-#1.5

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