Jackall Bass Rod Revoltage RVII-C66M+ (Baitcasting 1 Piece) (2023 model)

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It is a rod that has the most extreme taper in the series. The tip section is bent well, and the berry -bat section is finished in a design that determines the power. The main focus was fishing for football jigs and high -specific no sinker -based bottom fishing. Because the berry has a tension, it is easy to make a sharp invitation to jump up and jerk. The supple tip allows the bottom or obstacle to hook the lure to make a space between the lures, and creates a line tension state where the angler is unintentionally produced. Since the bat part has more power than M -class, it is possible to firmly capture the upper chin of the fish even in a deep area where hooking power is difficult to convey.

Total length: 6.4ft (1.98m) /Joint: 1 /Weight: 104.3g /Rod power: Medium Plus /Rod action: Extra Fast /Lure weight: 3/16-3/4oz (5.0-21g) /Compatible line: 8-16lb

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