Jackall Bass Rod Revoltage RVII-C73H (Baitcasting 2 Piece)

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Total Length: 7.3ft (2.21m) /Joint: 2 /Weight: 120.8g /Power: Heavy /Action: Fast /Lure Weight: 3/8-1-1/2oz (10.5-42g) /Compatible line: 12lb-24lb /Compatible line PE: Max #5.0

This is a heavy class versatile rod that has significantly improved lightness and sensitivity by using lightWeight and high strength carbon fiber trading card T1100G. It has a supple tip that allows for delicate operations, while also delivering powerful belly and butt power to ensure that thick Hooks penetrate. This is a versatile rod that can be used not only for cover strategies using rubber jigs, leaderless down shots, and Texas rigs, but also for fishing with Alabama rigs, big baits, and big spoons.

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