Tenryu Seabass Rod Swat SW932B-ML/MH (Baitcasting 2 Piece)

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United States - Estimated delivery: 2024/05/28 to 2024/05/31
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All models are ensand specifications to achieve lean athletic performance. The bat is adopted C / N, T, and you can feel the Nevari when bent with a sharp cast feel. Adopt titanium frame and SIC-S ring K guide. Adjust the height of the foot and pursue a balance that the line is released smoothly. A carbon pipe made of Nishijin weave is used for the fore grip and reel seat. The seat ring is chopped a lowlet and a wet hand is also applied to slip. A bait model that supports long throws and various lures on medium and large -scale rivers, surfs, and tidal flats. ML power tip has MH power bat, and the versatility that can be used from all seabass plugs to big bait is attractive. The range of lines that can be used is wide, enabling power fights with thick lures depending on the thickness. LENGTH (M [FT]): 2.82 [9ft3inc] PCS. :2 Action: RF Closed Length (cm): 145 LURE WT (G): MAX70 LINE (LB): Max30 PE (No.): Max3.0 Rear GRIP LENGTH (mm): 325 Tip DIA (mm): 1.6 Rod WT (g): 152 Carbon /glass (%): 96/4

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