Tenryu Rock fish Rod Rock Eye Vortex RV782S-M (Spinning 2 Piece)

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Type: S /Total length: 2.34m (7.8ft) /Joint: 2 /Action: RF /Closing length: 121cm /Lure: Max 30g /Line: Max 16lb /Line PE: Max #1.2 /Rear grip length: 335mm /Tip diameter: 1.7mm /Weight: 119g Carbon glass ratio: 98/2%

Close range & power finesse model. A model that combines a soft tip and a hard bat, and is good at close range combat with a light rig. The length setting is useful when tracing the edge of a caisson on an embankment or when approaching from offshore. Focusing on relatively lightweight rigs in the range of 5 to 14g, the power is set to make it easy to handle rigs up to 30g. He is active in power finesse games where he boldly explores with a light rig and takes control with a strong bat.

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