Tenryu Offshore Rod Jig-Zam Dragg Force JDF591B-G5/6 (Baitcasting 1 Piece)

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United States - Estimated delivery: 2024/07/26 to 2024/07/29
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A vertical model that conquers a rapid stream. Blank is composed based on glass materials, specializing in vertical jigging under the stream. It supports a wide range of jigweights such as 150-300g, and is set to an action that is good at medium tempo one-pitch jerk. The 5th class tip enhances the landing, while the 6th class bat power does not rampage the fish, and has a powerful lift power. It also supports style using electric reels. Type: B Total Length (M [FT]) 1.75 [5'9 "] Moted number: 1 Action: RF Use: 175cm Lure: MAX350G Best WT: 150-300G Line PE: Max PE 5.0 Drug Max: 10㎏/0 ° Rear Grip Length: 420mm Tip Diameter: 2.2mm Weight: 240g C/G ratio (%): 12/88

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