Gamakatsu Iso Rod Gama Iso Attender 3 #1.5 5.0m (Telescope 5 Piece)

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The main concept of "how to catch the target fish easy to catch" is the main concept of "just sparing with a certain pole angle", which is the main concept, and the third -generation Atender has been developed. Ta. The blank adopts the ultimate evolution system "Ultra ASD" of ASD (active suspension design) to produce more stickiness and power. The smooth bend is gentle on fine Haris, and you can capture the threaded fish with a delicate approach. In order to improve operability, the shape of the reel seat and end grip was reviewed, and high -holding ones were adopted. By adopting a short design, it is possible to instantly bring out the power of the torso while increasing the operability. The position of the center of gravity is optimized so that the weight of the rod is retained at the fishing spot. It corresponds to the situation where the large mouth aiming and the tail -length gray up to the 50cm class are mixed. It does not give fish the initiative with the power of the torso that can handle even the over 50 cm Overgre. On the other hand, it is an all -round model that can handle Harris firmly even in the main size of the 30-45㎝ class with a bend unique to the torso.

Total length: 5.0m /Joint: 5 /Closed length: 112.0cm /Weight: 253g /Tip diameter: 0.75mm /Weight load: #1.5-#4 /Compatible Harris: #1.25-#4 /Carbon content: 99.5%

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