Gamakatsu Mountain Stream Rod Gama Stream Multi Flex Haruaya 2 Super Hard 5.4m (14 Piece)

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Utilizing multi -flex, capture Kojiki all -rounder. Each time the rod is analyzed, the taper and material are optimized so that you can approach the valley more lightly, and both tension and stickiness are balanced. As a result, the operability and sensitivity are excellent, and the rod bends in according to the load when the mounting is put in or when the fish is applied. It is a model that can be used almighty upstream from the middle basin. Since the multi -flex system is adopted, the length can be changed to three stages according to the point. Since the lilian at the tip is evolved into the top of the metal, we do not miss the delicate row of valleys. -Rakburg-Designed design that considers the headwaters. Because of its short end, it is excellent in loading, and it is possible to take in even a surprising big game without difficulty.

Total length: 5.4m (multi -flex 5.4⇔5.0⇔4.6) /Joint: 14 /Closed length: 49cm /Weight: 170g /Tip diameter: 0.9mm /Bottom diameter: 27.0mm /Compatible Harris: #0.3-#1.2 /Carbon content: 98.0%

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