Tiemco Uflex BS Fly Fishing Starter Kit II 865-4 (4 Piece)

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Total length: 8.6ft /Applicable line: #4 /Joint: 4 [Set contents] Rod, Reel, Fly Line, Educational DVD

This is a kit containing a rod, reel, fly line, and educational DVD for those looking to start fly fishing. To start this type of fishing, it is necessary to practice and learn the unique casting method of fly fishing, "fly casting". The fly rod included in this kit is set to an action that allows you to experience the necessary" line riding'' (feeling the weight of the line you are throwing). Using a rod with the appropriate action is a shortcut to improving fly casting. Starting with this rod, you will have fun learning fly casting, from pickup and laydown to false cast and double hole techniques. The 804-4 set is a No. 4 line and 8-foot rod set that is ideal for controlled river fishing areas and mountain stream fishing, and the 865-4 set is a No. 5 line that is ideal for pond-type managed fishing areas and rainbow trout catch and release areas. and a set of 8 foot 6 inch rods. Practice casting with the included DVD as a reference and enjoy fly fishing.

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