Tiemco Fenwick Links FM74CMHJ (Baitcasting Grip Joint)

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Fenwick's unique smooth tapered design is used for the tenacity using medium elastic carbon. It is a rod that can create an overwhelming flight distance of the lure with a rebellion as if using a long rod, while having a light lure operability that does not feel the dullness and length. From tip to bat, it can be used from middle -class winding to weight -grade fast moving lure, such as middle -class windings, deep cranks, chatter bait, and swim jigs. It is an indispensable fishing for fishing that explodes a wide area comfortably and quickly. In addition, the ability to respond to a series of movements such as tip sensitivity and removal of obstacles to feel the behavior of the lure will be a great weapon.

Total length 7.4ft Weight 137g Lure: 7-28g Line: 10-20lb.

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