Tiemco Fenwick Aces 65CMHJ (Baitcasting 1 Piece)

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One of the lightweight big bait, which is currently becoming mainstream. Although it is a big bait that tends to be a power game, it is a delicate world where detailed approaches and rodworks lead to fishing results. The performance required for a rod is not easy. The supple tapered design achieves the most important "cast accuracy" for big bait. The length of the 6feet5inch is an action that uses rod work and reeling, and a setting that makes it difficult to hit the water surface even with the downward rod work. In addition, pursuing grip length and shape required for heavyweight lures. Designed with less fatigue even after long use. As for the guide setting, an original setting using an all -dub foot titanium frame is used for the ring diameter as the thick diameter line. Hook set firmly to the hard jaw of the big bus and completed as a strong rod that does not hold the initiative. It is one for controlling a heavyweight lure that can be used for Noshin Charak, magnum crank, large crawler bait, frog game, etc.

Total length 6.5ft 1pce Weight 108g Lure: Max 71g Line: 10-30lb.

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