Tiemco Fenwick Aces 64SLP+J (Spinning 1 Piece)

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Ultra lightweight power spin that uses Fenwick traditional soft tip/hard bat. The tip section is a rod that has a strong bat power unique to P+number while it is a light power that can operate with agile. Despite being finished in a rod that is impossible even around the cover, it is an extremely lightweight, light, and ultra -sensitive finish. Not only fishing for soft bait such as smolaba, neco lig, and musi lure, but also twitch and jerk using minnows and shad. In particular, carshad using the PE line, which is frequently used in Lake Yamagami, can be input to a sharp action, making it a rod that can bring out a part -time job. It is one that can be used on various situations by loading on a boat.

Total length 6.4ft 1pcs Weight 92g Lure: 1.8-7g Line: 3-6lb. Light Power Plus Fast Incident

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