Daiwa Ginro Yuiga AGS Competition 08-50SMT/Q (telescope 5 piece)

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Do you want to do it on the royal road or open the unexplored area? "Silver Wolf Ags", which has been trained individually. "Silver Wolf Agu AGS", which realizes the movement of the branch that bends smoothly and smoothly, floats the black bream (Chinu) at a speed that does not harass it and brings it to the finish. The two concepts of the royal road megatop model caught with a restoring force with the restoration of the whole rod, the megatop model of the royal road, and the SMT model that develops an incomparable attack in the undone area.
Total length: 5.00m /Joint: 5 /Closed length: 116cm /Weight: 175g /Tip diameter: 0.6mm /Bottom diameter: 23.6mm /Weight load: #1-#2 /Compatible Harris: #0.6-#2 /Carbon content: 99%

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