Daiwa Gokyu Fukase Madai 2-53/Q (telescope 5 piece)

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Take the sprinting of a large red sea bream with your whole body and catch it! Special rod for Fukase red sea bream. "Goruju Fukasemadai", which bends like a bow and kills a large red sea bream in a record class. The red sea bream is assumed that it will hang off a hundred meters off the coast, and the tip is equipped with a tubular tip, which is determined to hook with a high response. By adopting a tough bright coat that further improves the sense of eyes, the slight change in the tension in the flow is clearly conveyed, allowing you to be convinced. After hanging, as a result of pursuing the first sprinting of the first sprint with minimal resistance, sublimation of the concept of a large red sea bream rod that changes the concept of a large red sea bream. The reel seat is equipped with a Daiwa original stew sheet that does not rattle from from offshore.
Total length: 5.30m /Joint: 5 /Closed length: 117cm /Weight: 235g /Tip diameter: 1.2mm /Bottom diameter: 24.0mm /Weight load: #2-#6 /Compatible Harris Nylon: #2-#5 /Carbon content: 98%

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