Daiwa Egging Rod Emeraldas Steist ST (Out Guide Model) 83M-SMT (2 Piece)

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STOIST ST (stream tune) is a model that emphasizes flexibility, which is the opposite of RT (racing tune). The latest technology has been tuned to an exquisite tip and tone that is even lighter than the previous work, and tends to feel the change in the tide. In particular, the delicate tip has an exquisite sensitivity that is different from RT, and it is a model that controls the flow of egi falls and drifting in drift. ■ 83M-SMT ... The width of the used egi is wide and the length is easy to use. Although it is the same M power as RT, it is a slightly mild tone, an almighty model that can respond to various situations throughout the anniversary regardless of location or season.
Total Length: 2.52m /Joint: 2 /Closed length: 130cm /Weight: 89g /Tip diameter: 0.7mm /Bottom diameter: 10.4mm /Egi Size: #2.5-#4.0 /PE Line: #0.4-#1.0 /Carbon content: 99%

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