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Gear ratio: 4.6

Winding length: 57cm/per handle rotation

Weight: 135g

Maximum drag force: 3.0kg

Line volume Nylon: 2.5lb-100m, PE: #0.3-200m

Spool Diameter: 40mm

Handle Length: 35mm

Handle Nobu: HG-I Light

Bearing (Ball/Roller): 11/1

All of the technology to the super finesse. The basic performance of EXIST, such as air drive design, full metal monocoque body, and mug shield, is maintained and tuned to the last minute. Targets are narrowed down to buses, trouts, light salt using 4LB (fluoro nylon), 0.6 (PE) below, and thoroughly compact and lighter. For this reason, a certain level of durability and waterproofness have been reduced, but the price gained from it is an area where no one has ever stepped in. At the end of the finesse's limits, the lure drawn the track as the image drawn will give you a dense time with the fish. The weight narrowed down to the last minute has a casting performance that can be swayed without applying excessive force, contributing to the flight distance and accuracy. The compact body enables feathering with delicate touch and promises an approach as intended. The short spool sublimated the smooth start of the line by ATD Type-L to a more advanced dimension.

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