Daiwa Gokyu Madai 3.5-53 Ento/Q (telescope 5 piece)

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The tide off the coast of the bend like a bow is a straightforward fire. The "Goru" series is designed for long throwing that squeezes the flight distance and power by the slender and thick blanks that are like a bow that are inherited in the past. Maximizes the resilience of the rod, and the Tarkago device in the shadow of the Sea of ​​Japan, which is a narrow beach that cannot be overcasted and a side -throw -like snap throw, is ideal for the mainstream area. ■ Red sea bream 3.5-53 Reflection ... A power and sticky item that does not afford large red sea bream and blue fish with the ability to control the rigidity softly.
Total Length: 5.30m /Joint: 5 /Closed length: 121cm /Weight: 340g /Tip diameter: 1.9mm /Bottom diameter: 25.5mm /Weight load: #5-#15 /Compatible line Nylon: #3-#8 Carbon content: 99%

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