Daiwa Eging Rod Emeraldas EX BOAT 63MLS IL Interline Model (Spinning 2 Piece)

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A flagship boat eging rod with a high dimension of performance required for boat eging. ■ Interline model for direct & troubleless. The 63mls IL is an inter -line model that realizes direct operability and one and only troubles unique to an interline rod without a guide. There are no tip -related troubles, and the little play on the line makes it possible to use direct shakuri comfort and instantaneous hooking. The disadvantages such as "poor sensitivity" and "poor thread release performance" that are common on the interline rod are complete with Daiwa Technology and the supreme interlinip run rod that makes you think "you can not let go once you use it once" is completed. did.

Total length: 1.91m /Joint: 2 /Closed length: 100cm /Weight: 80g /Tip diameter: 1.9mm/1.3mm /Bottom diameter: 7.9mm /Egi Size: 18-70g /Compatible line PE: #0.4-#0.8 /Carbon content: 96%

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