Daiwa Offshore Rod Saltiga LJ 61H/XHS-S (Spinning 1 Piece)

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A hybrid spinning model that combines the benefits of low -response and high response. A unique hybrid model that combines the operability and power of the high -resport rod that can manipulate the jig with the comfort and intention of the low -resport rod that realizes a comfortable jerking and the power fight with the blue fish. The tip uses a flexible carbon solid mega top that is difficult to play byte. The guide is equipped with a lightweight and high -sensitivity "AGS". Compared to the metal guide, it has greatly improved the sense of underwater situation such as the strength of the tide, the jig action, and the fish chase, as well as the real light rod action. 61H/XHB-S is a model that can be said to be a monument to a light jigging rod that succeeded in fusion of the goodness of super light jigging, light jigging, and slow jigging at a high dimension. It supports various jerking and fishing methods, such as high -speed jerks, jakajaka rolls, and diagonal draws unique to spinning.

Total length: 1.85m /Joint: 1 /Closed length: 185cm /Self-weight: 125g /Tip diameter: 1.1mm /Bottom diameter: 7.9mm /Lure weight: 60-160g /Compatible line PE: #0.8-#1.5 /Carbon content: 87%

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