Daiwa Offshore Rod Outrage LJ 63XHS-S (Spinning 2 Piece)

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High standard dright jigging rod that inherits the design philosophy of Saltiga ■ 63XHS-S ... Solid tip & Lorespon Sponing model. 63XHS-S is a low-response spinning model that realizes the best shakuri comfort by the synergistic effect of blank and solid tip. The tip of the ears provides high comfort by adopting a flexible and strong mega top solid. Flexible, square and comfortable jerk performance, good riding that can bring in short -byte to hooking, blank performance that combines power and flexibility, this item that can be called a light jigging rod, this item is true regardless of the field or situation. Will demonstrate. It is also an item that supports light jigging games that make use of techniques, such as high pitch jerks unique to spinning models and diagonal draws from casts.

Total length: 1.91m /Joint: 2 /Closed length: 142cm /Weight: 127g /Tip diameter: 1.1mm /Bottom diameter: 9.9mm /Jig weight: 60-160g /Compatible line PE: #0.8-#1.5 /Carbon content: 88%

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