Daiwa Offshore Rod Saltiga SJ 61B-1/W (Baitcasting 1 Piece)

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A flagship slogging rod with outstanding motor nerves. Lightweight & bending concepts are greatly improved as they are, reducing the burden on anglers and achieving the ultimate underwater sensitivity. ■ 61B -1 .....A light model that captures the sea with a light jig action. A light slogging rod that is ideal for nearly waters using jigs around 120 to 210g. The super -thin but high resilience blank realizes an ideal jig input and a comfortable jerk. The exquisite balance # 1, which combines resilience and suppleness, is compatible with various actions such as Sloogirk, which is generally used in slogging, but also MIX jerk and high -speed jerk. It realizes an attractive action that can be brought to a part -time job even if it is difficult to use your mouth.

Total length: 1.85m /Joint: 1 /Closed length: 185cm /Self-weight: 103g /Tip diameter: 1.6mm /Bottom diameter: 7.5mm /Lure weight Jig: 120-210g /Compatible line PE: Max #1.5 /Carbon content: 99%

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