Daiwa Life Jacket DF-6122 Bench Cool Game Vest V

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United States - Estimated delivery: 2024/07/18 to 2024/07/21
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Adopts a specification that distributes the shoulder load to the waist load. The evolution of bench cool game vests never stops. A wide variety of lures can be stuffed into the pocket, and the weight is distributed from being carried on the shoulder to the lumbar support belt on the waist. Significantly reduces the load on your shoulders. A new rotation pocket has been installed on the front of the left hip pocket, saving you the trouble of returning it to the lure case and allowing you to easily change lures. A groove is provided in the center of the back pad to ensure breathability, reducing the uncomfortable stuffiness from the shoulders to the back when wading in the summer. Combined with the bench cool system (split back), it makes fishing more comfortable.

Color: Black x Metal
Size: Free Length 48cm

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