Daiwa Kamuy Ranke Tam 106L+/M AGS (Spinning 2 Piece)

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Sea Amemas, sea cherry rod that controls the magnificent northern sea. Sea trout target "Sea Amemas" and "Sea Sakuramas" in Hokkaido. The main target is the rod that has been repeatedly tested in Hokkaido, Kamuy Ranke Tam. ■ 106L + / M AGS ....... A rod made to catch sea cherry blossoms using minnows with high appeal in a vast ocean. By adopting a solid tip part and a berry part with a suppressed tension, it is easy to make a sense of life on the lure using rod work such as twitch and jerk, as well as minnows. Once you hang the fish, bring it to a certain landing. It also supports high -dimensional jigs, giving an overwhelming flight distance from the good swing. The guide adopted AGS, provided light swimming, operability, and underwater information transmission.

Total length: 3.20m /Joint: 2 /Closed length: 164cm /Weight: 159g /Tip diameter: 1.6mm /Bottom diameter: 14.9mm /Lure weight: 5-40g /Compatible line Nylon: 6-14lb /Compatible line PE: #0.6-#1.5 /Carbon content: 99%

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