Daiwa Seabream Jig Moving Tenya Kohga SS 2WAY #8 Red Gold

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Both solid bottom red sea bream and spacious red sea bream are captured! A two -sword style Tenya who can catch seriously. The biggest advantage of the play -type tenya is the "good bite" by giving the head weight load to the red sea bream, and "Barre", which hindered three -stage pulls and head shake peculiar to red sea bream. Daiwa's two -sword play Tenya, a Daiwa whole body packed with elements, "can be caught more!" ■ Excellent appeal power with polyhedral head! ■ Reliver yoro is drastically reduced with an amazing rotation of spinning rolling! ■ Heated needle with amazing penetration sacsus hook! ■ PE line with a fluoro core with a sharp reduction with a thread! ■ In the case of zero tension, with tide beads that make it easy to separate the head body and gimmicks! ■ Easy weight up without cutting the leader! Equipped with a plus sinker system! ■ Set contents: Heads, dyeing gimmicks, tide beads. Number: 8 Admissions: 1

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