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Winding length: 103cm/per handle rotation

Weight: 650g

Maximum drag force: 15kg

Line Capacity PE: #4.0-400m, #5.0-300m

Bearing (ball/roller): 6/1

Handle length : 80mm

Handle knob: EVA Large round knob

The long -awaited SW series appears in the popular CALDIA with a monocoque body. Full metal (AL) monocoque body is equipped with a large -diameter tough digital gear, powerful and light winding. ■ 100000 -p ... Ideal for tuna jogging and Tonjigi using Sagami Bay Kihada games, led by ebbing. Gear ratio: Equipped with 4.9 power gear and 80mm long handle, giving a great advantage to anglers when using heavy gigs and large fish fights. The line capacity (PE5-300m) is also compatible with 40kg to 50kg class Kihada.

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