Daiwa Bass Rod Steez RC C610M-SV (Baitcasting 2 Piece Grip Joint)

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Total Length: 2.08m /Joint: 2 (Grip Joint) /Closed length: 178cm /Weight: 85g /Tip diameter: 1.7mm /Bottom diameter: 12.9mm /Lure weight: 5-21g, 3/16-3/4oz / Compatible line: 8-16lb /Compatible line PE: Max #3 /Carbon content: 100% /Action: Fast

A rod polished to win tournaments around the world.

Although it is a standard versatile model size for bass rods, Real Control's 610M is not just a versatile rod. If the lure is within the appropriate weight, it will give you a feeling of use approaching 100 points, and you will experience unprecedented operability, especially when using lures that manipulate line slack, lures that reel while releasing line slack, and lures with low pulling resistance. It is possible. Once you hold it in your hand, you'll be amazed at its lightness and balance, and when you cast it, you'll be amazed at its accuracy and feel.
A true versatile rod that allows you to experience the maneuverability of a baitcasting rod has been completed.

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