Daiwa Morethan Wisemen 113M/MH (Spinning 2 Piece)

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The specialty rod series "MORETHAN WISEMEN" that can be used slowly and long. Starting as a new Hiras's Kirod series. This time, a lineup of 109m, which can freely handle pinpoint toezing, and 113m/mH, which is attractive with a liner cast that cuts the northwest wind. A slender and sharp blank packed with Daiwa technology surrounds Hirasuzuki, hidden in the rough sea. ■ 113m/mH …Wind Storm. A high-resilience slim blank that is armed with 3DX cuts through the intense headwind and sends the minnow to the pinpoint like a bullet. The aim is a ranker-sized Hirasuzuki, and a strong bat floats a big game instantly.

Total length: 3.43m /Joint: 2 /Closed length: 176cm /Weight: 217g /Lure weight: Max 60g /Tip diameter: 1.9mm /Bottom diameter: 14.4mm /Compatible line PE: Max #2.5 /Carbon content: 99%

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